3 Quick Tips For BLS Healthcare Provider Course Completion

1. Turn on the AED and follow the prompts. This is a common issue because natural instinct when one sees a plug and an outlet is to plug it in. However, all AED’s are a little different and that is why it is especially important to follow the prompts and not immediately plug in the connector. I think of this step as turning on the AED and turning off my brain so I can just follow the prompts. It works!

2. Keep your elbows straight. When giving compressions it is important for the healthcare provider to push from her shoulders. This relieves tension on the wrists, and it provides for more effective compressions.

3. In 2-rescuer adult CPR, switch roles just before you press the shock button on the AED, or after 5 cycles if the AED is not present. This is important because it ensures that rescuers are not getting tired, and compressions are effective.

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