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BLS CPR Classes

Scrubs & Gloves CPR Training LLC offers American Heart Association Certified Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Provider CPR training certification classes in Sacramento. All of our classes are acceptable for initial and renewing CPR BLS Healthcare Provider certification, unless otherwise specified.

CPR Training Online

BLS Healthcare Provider CPR training certification is available online. Here is a step-by-step guide to completing the AHA BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Training Certification online.

CPR Certification at Your Location

We offer The Executive Package BLS Healthcare Provider CPR Training certification courses for busy professionals. We will come to your location, set up our CPR equipment, and print your AHA BLS Healthcare Provider CPR training course card upon successful completion of the BLS Healthcare Provider CPR training course. Please call (916) 672-2277, or request an appointment.

Not sure if this is the right CPR training certification course for you? find out which class you need.

*Classes may be canceled due to low enrollment.


Scrubs & Gloves CPR Training LLC Information:


Phone/Text: (916) 672-2277

Address: 5650 Marconi Ave., Ste. 23, Carmichael, CA

DIRECTIONS: 5650 Marconi Ave., Ste. 23, Carmichael, CA 95608. We are located on Marconi Avenue between Fair Oaks and Garfield. Our office is located in a large brown office building between two residential complexes.

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